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To many times when I go to a prayer meeting you see people immediately fill the silence with words, whether it be requests being fired out towards God, stirring up of faith or just passionate speaking in tongues. Although none of these are bad we rarely stop and ask God ‘What are you saying?’ or ‘What do you want to say?’ My challenge to you all would be to stop, be silent and ask God to speak.

We live in an instant world where we want it now. Noise has become an important part of our lives. How often do we make time for silence? How often do we stop making demands to God and start asking for requests? Over these last few weeks I have been surprised when I have taken small amounts of times here and there to stop, listen for God speaking and heard Him. That’s right heard Him.

I was feeling bad because I had so many ideas in my mind of what I would like to get done and see happening in my life and the kingdom of God. I stopped, lay down on the floor, got silent before God and waited for Him to speak. He said in a still small voice “There’s a big difference between a good idea and calling”. This really encouraged me to take all my thoughts and ideas and bring them to God, ask Him which ones I should do and which I should shelve. It took a big weight off my shoulders.

I really felt in the prayer time I had today that God was leading me to a place where everyday I take time to listen and then respond. Now we all know that relationship is two-way and that communication is key, but knowing and doing are two different things and relationships can be neglected.

I believe as we take time to listen for God voice, we will hear Him and he will guide us and we will see amazing things happen in our lives, towns, cities and nations.

May God bless you and keep you

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