If you seriously want to be free RUN

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I have been reading Matthew 5:27-30. Where Jesus challenges us, again raising the bar, taking us to the next level. The people of the day prided themselves in the fact that they had never cheated on their partners or caused a married couple to split because they had never followed through on the physical act. But Jesus was saying that our righteousness has to go deeper than this. Cheating on your partner does not begin in the bed, but in the heart. What about the lust factor in our lives? That’s where the sin is committed and where its influence must be dealt with and cut off.

The way we look at the opposite sex, the way we speak to them. Perhaps you are caught up in porn and have an unhealthy view of the opposite sex. The people you look at when you surf the web or look at mags could be someone else’s wife or husband. If your married then you shouldn’t be looking! You are committed to your partner. A tough challenge but one that’s needed. Your not being faithful and are committing sin. If you’re not married, you are in danger of building an unhealthy view of the opposite sex. God calls us all to have a pure heart. We can justify our behavior all day long. But the bible is where we learn the truth and Gods intention for our lives.

Jesus talks about taking drastic action, plucking eyes out and chopping arms off. Being free from lust or porn means you need to take drastic action. Now don’t go and chop your arms off or pluck your eyes out. But make some drastic changes to your lifestyle. Stop taking a second look! Put accountability software on your computer! Change the pin on your satellite or cable device so that you and someone else only know half the pin. Burn your magazines. Avoid being at home alone. Talk to someone about it. If you’re in Hereford, talk to me over coffee.

God does not want you to be trapped in the cycle sin – repent – sin repent. You can be free. Drastic action is needed, complacency will not do. The consequences are not good if you carry on.

God wants your heart, his plan for your life is pure. I speak as a guy who walks free and in purity. I must guard my heart daily, but its possible, its reality.

May God bless you, move you forward and into a life of purity

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