The promise of the Holy Spirit

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Acts 1:1-11


This section of scripture changed my life forever and is one that has been marked in my bible heavily with the word ‘Promise’ in capitals. I was going to a small church in Bournemouth one which God had led me to when I came to Christ. It was a friendly church with great worship, strong bible teaching and brilliant social groups. But for me there was something missing.

Ever since I came to Christ I have had a passion for His word and getting it inside out and I came across this passage that talks about the promise of the Holy Spirit. This was new to me and something that my church didn’t talk about at all. I had made friends with a girl that had been in the church for a long time and she had the same experience to. We met and read the scripture together. It was quite clear that there was a Promise that we had to wait for. So we asked God together for the Holy Spirit to come upon us, that He would baptize us with the Holy Spirit.

We waited for a while and nothing happened but trusted that God would keep His promise. It wasn’t until three or so weeks later when I was at a youth meeting that God fulfilled His promise to me. I was praying at the back that God would move amongst the young people and all of a sudden a started speaking a foreign language and was filled with such Joy and peace. It was from that moment that I knew God had baptized me with the Holy Spirit and I haven’t looked back since.

This baptism of the Holy Spirit was spoken about by the guy that dressed like a camel John the Baptist(Matt. 3:11; Mark 1:8; Luke 3:16; John 1:33; and see Acts 11:16),and by Jesus (John 14:16–18, 26; 15:26–27; 16:7–15).

The bible talks about the Holy Spirit giving us power. When I think of this I think of Popeye and Spinach. Each time he needed strength to save the day he popped a can of spinach and was given mighty strength to beat up the enemy or fly through the air and catch his damsel in distress. We don’t have to do life on our own and in our own strength. Jesus has not only made a way for us to come back to God but also given us the strength to walk the walk and talk the talk. God never breaks His promises ask and it will be given to you. Whats that I hear you say ‘it cant be that simple’ yes it is!

The scripture says wait! Which means we are to be expectant that God will move.

Acts 10:44-48 is the occurrence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and this time it was not the disciples!

So what next? Read the scripture yourself and pray as you see fit in response to it.

May God fill you.

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