Be Reliable

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Today I have been reading Matthew 5:33-37.  Back in the day that this was written people were using Gods name and the name of Jerusalem as a stamp to their agreements. In a similar way that we would sign our names on the bottom of a phone contract which was promises that we will stick to their terms and conditions and pay them the money we owed them.

The problem was that people were using the name of God in their agreements, their contracts but not sticking to them. Basically they were being dishonest. So Jesus comes along and again raises the bar, challenges their actions. All you need to say is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Dont beat around the bush, but be honest.

How many of us have been in situations where people have lied to us and we have caught them out? I know I’ve been there. How many of us have been promised one thing and then been let down because the person hasn’t followed through on their promise. I’ve been there to.

It’s so important to be truthful. And that’s what Jesus is getting at. We are called to be people who have integrity, in other words people who tell the truth and can be trusted. When we say we will do something, unless we have a good reason we must do it. God is interested in our hearts, the driving force behind our actions. Honesty is something that He wants to plant at the very core of who we are.

May you allow God to plant this one deep within your heart, may you be a person that is trustworthy and honest in all that you do.

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