Regaining your focus

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Matthew 6:16-18

Jesus is talking about fasting in the above scripture. So whats it all about?

Fasting is the voluntary act of choosing to go without something for the purpose of growing in self-discipline, which is the essence of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The most common form of fasting is from food. By fasting from food, we are learning to enjoy food as a gift from God without allowing it to become more important than or taking the focus away from God. It’s easy to lose our focus, we can allow the challenges and pressures of life to consume us to the point that making ends meet becomes the sole focus of our lives.

There are many things that can distract us from focusing on God. I found when I got my xbox 360 that all I did when I got home was play until the early hours of the morning. I would think about the game throughout the day. For others it may be shopping, clubbing or music. The list could go on and on and on. You see none of these are bad things but when we allow them to take our focus and consume masses of our time and thoughts, that’s when our relationship with God and others can suffer.

I have found from experience that fasting these items can help us to regain our focus on God. I have also found taking time to fast food also allows me to regaining my focus on God. I would just drink water and every time I had a hunger pang I would pray, “Lord you are my provider and the reason I live, you give me breath and life’.

I sometimes fast to show God how serious I am about certain issues or people in my life. Each time I feel hungry I pray for them or the issue and remind myself that God is my provider and deliverer.

I have found great intimacy with God in fasting personally. We have also called the church to fast about certain issues over the years. Where many of us have come together and sought after God and an answer to pray or to a situation.  I would always advise others to seek advice from your doctor on how to fast safely, they may not understand the spiritual reason but can give you tips on the medical side. I never fast water!

These guys in the scripture again were showing off, they were being religious. Look at me I am fasting. But Jesus is calling us to fast in secret, not to boast about it but to focus on God.

May you stop and think about what is in your life that may be taking your focus away from God, may you take some time personally with God to regain your focus and put God back in number one spot in your life and may you continue to move forward in your walk with Him.

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