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I read Matthew 6:25-34 today. I mentioned in an earlier blog about the Lords prayer that God is our provider, that he knows what we need. Yesterday we looked at the fact that our focus should be on God. Today is also along the same wave length.

I love the fact that Jesus uses real life, tangible examples to get out brains moving.

Jesus said ‘Don’t be anxious’. This also includes distress, fear and worry. Jesus wants us to have peace, to be calm, to not worry about life. Jesus wants to reassure us that God knows what we need and He will take care of us. He wants for us to TRUST Him. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to anyone. Have you ever played the trust game where you have to fall backwards towards a friend and hope that they will catch you? When you first try it you go to fall back and then you step back because you can’t stand the thought that the friend may not catch you.

Well in this scenario, God will catch you every time. Folks God is not in heaven with a big stick wanting to smack us one. God knows our needs and wants to provide, the question is are we willing to trust him and 3…2…1…Jump into his arms? You see we can allow worry to consume us and affect our health. Worry doesn’t make it any better, in fact it makes it worse. Worry can take our focus off of God. In fact when you look deeper into the Greek language here it describes  worry  as literally drawing you in two different directions.

My natural default when faced with an issue, whether it be financial or not is to think ‘How can I fix this‘ but what we need to do is default to ‘God you know what I need and I trust that you will provide it‘.

I think its important to mention, there is a difference between need and want.

So we already know that our default should be 3…2…1…Jump into his arms. A trust relationship.

When Jesus talks about seeking the kingdom of God he is talking about something that requires action. Now we don’t have to earn Gods provision or acceptance. But one thing that we need to do in our relationship with God is actively seek His kingdom.

Gods kingdom is basically His will being done. Our focus should be on God and living life His way.

Worry robs us of our effectiveness in our family, in our work and in our church. We have to put the regrets of yesterday behind us. We have to trust God for our tomorrow.

So we can live free from worry as we TRUST God, UNDERSTAND that God cares for us and as we put GOD FIRST in our lives.

May you 3…2…1…JUMP into His arms

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