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Matthew 7:1-6.

When this was written the Pharisees (The religious people of the day) would quite happily and quite regularly point out the mistakes that everyone around them was making.

You see there are many religious people around, they like to point out what is wrong with everyone else and completely miss their own faults. I have had many a conversation with people about God and the church. Many times people respond with ‘the church is full of hypocrites’. Why? Because so many people point the finger and ignore the fact that there is a giant one pointing straight back at them. You even find this with non-religious people.

I love the story of when they brought a lady caught in the act of adultery before Jesus and Jesus said let the one without sin throw the first stone. What was amazing was that they all walked away and the one person without sin, Jesus did not throw a stone. He told her to go and sin no more.

We are responsible for only one persons actions and that is ourself. I often say to people that when we die and leave this world we will stand before God, alone, one-on-one. We wont have anyone to hold our hand.

We all have a responsibility to grow and move forward in our own walk with God. As we concentrate on the weaknesses in our lives we can then be an example to those around us and may even be given the opportunity to give advice to others to help them avoid the mistakes we have made.

May you focus on moving forward in God and as you do may you be an example to others.

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