Was Jesus more than a good teacher?

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Matthew 7:28-29

A relatively small piece of scripture to blog on, but one with great significance. You see in the culture that the bible was written they were often taught by the scribes. These dudes were given the task of writing out the scriptures over and over again and passing them from generation to generation. They didn’t have a printing press then, it was a matter of writing the scriptures on a scroll.

They would have known the scriptures like the back of their hands. How many of you know stuff off by heart? I once had a friend that could quote almost every episode of ‘Friends’ off by heart.

These scribes would have been able to teach with great insight and knowledge. I would go as far as to say that they would have been on the cutting edge, leaders in their profession.

However Jesus taught from the scripture with authority, he taught with a difference. He came across more powerfully than the leaders of bible teaching. Their was something different about Him. Jesus blew them away. You see there are many people today that think Jesus was just a good teacher, but He is more than just a teacher. He spoke with authority, when He spoke people listened but it wasnt just a knowledge fest, lives were changed, turned upside down.

You see even to this day Jesus is transforming lives, Jesus is more than just a good teacher. He is God. And the amazing thing is that we can walk in relationship with Him. This is incredible, life changing and available to everyone. I made that step in 2001 and my life has never been the same since, I am a new creation and continue to change day by day, becoming the person God always intended me be.

May you come to know Jesus as your friend, may His words transform your world.

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