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Matthew 8:1-4

A lot of great stuff within these four verses. The first being that Jesus came down from the mountain. Jesus fully man, fully God still made time to be with His Father. With all His knowledge of the scriptures and the fact that He had received the Holy Spirit He still made time. The bible doesn’t say what He was doing but He made time.

The world is spinning at 1000 miles an hour and life seems to go just as quickly, we can fill our time with loads of stuff and noise. But the challenge here is to go up the mountain, in other words make time to be with God, rest in His presence, talk through prayer and worship.

Incredible fact here: There was only ever one time in the whole of the Old Testament that someone was healed of Leprosy, the reason Jesus told the guy to go to the priest was that this healing would have stood out. In a sense He was leaving His calling card, this would have been in the evening headline news as a top story.

Another great learn for us is that the man said to Jesus ‘if you will’ and Jesus responded ‘I will’. It is the will of Jesus to heal sickness. No matter what you are facing, no matter how you are feeling and no matter what the doctors have said, it’s the will of Jesus to heal you.

In the busyness of this world may you take time to be with God. May you come to believe that it is the will of God to heal all sickness.

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