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I have come across so many people recently that talk about the actions of others. What they are doing wrong and what they need to change. And it is quite easy to fall into the same trap. Whether the things that you are talking about are true or not it’s not a good path to take.

Paul in the New Testament said that he was the chief of sinners. In other words he knew his position before God. Jesus said before we try to take the sawdust from another persons eye, we need to remove the plank of wood stuck in ours.

I am convinced that my focus and what I should concentrate on is me and my walk with God. Sure I can encourage others and lift them up. But to point out the mistakes in others, to be pulled into gossip is not a place that God wants any of us to be.

The bible says that if we have an issue, a problem with another person we should go straight to them and sort it out. The problem is to many people like to gossip and shy away from confrontation, because confrontation is often seen as negative. But if you do it out of love, with the other persons best interests at heart then it should not be negative.

I believe we need to create an environment around us of being open with each other, transparent, I welcome anyone in my world to pick me up when I am making a mistake or being an idiot, and when this happens to sit back and reflect on what has been said to make sure that pride doesn’t sneak in and cause me to react in the wrong way.

If we are going to become better at being Christ like we need one another, we need to have each others interests at heart.

May you focus on your walk with God, may you shy away from gossip and may you have the best interest of others at the heart of what you do and say.

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