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I am reading a book called ‘Redemption’ by Mike Wilkerson at the moment. Its one of those books you struggle to put down. The following is highlight of the book that has had a big impact on me over the last few days and is worthy of sharing, take some time to think about how this would look in your life:

‘Worship is not just singing songs in church; it’s how we live our lives every moment of every day—every thought, word, deed, feeling, and desire. You worship what you live for, whatever is most worthy of your attention and devotion.42 It is what drives you at the core, and it flows from the essence of who you are. You can’t turn off worship. It’s your basic human wiring. To not worship is to not live. It’s like a garden hose stuck on full blast. You can aim it at the grass, the car, or the shrubs, but you cannot stop its flow.

Or you might imagine yourself as a sort of human billboard, always advertising what you find to be important, valuable, worthy. What you pay attention to, how you spend your time, the way you work, how you relate to others in your life—all these things broadcast your heart’s worship, making visible and advertising what is most important to you. God created you to broadcast him.’

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