The Spirit Filled Church

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I have just read Terry Virgo’s new book called The Spirit filled Church. In the mid-1980s he wrote a book Restoration in the Church which, proved to be popular and was repeatedly reprinted and translated into many languages.

He had a growing sense that the time would be right to write a fresh book which would cover similar themes but also update what God has been teaching us and add fresh themes that God has impressed upon us over the years.

Having also read his book Gods lavish grace, I was excited to get a pre-release copy of this new book. A book that I devoured quickly. I found that the book was biblically sound and immersed in personal experience. Easy to read!

He covered the work of the Holy Spirit, brief church history bringing us into the right context and spoke well on church meetings and leadership. I would be bold enough to say that this book makes my number one spot this year.

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