If Jesus came back today what would he think of His church?

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Totally found the blog below by accident but found it extremely interesting:


Although I don’t always agree with Rob Bell, he makes some good points as well. I also love how he opens up discussion and challenges the norm/tradition.

I am constantly challenged by religion and how its organized. I am captivated by Jesus but am sometimes discouraged by some people that represent church to the people around us. I am on a journey and continue to reflect on the following question:

‘If Jesus came back today what would he think of His church?’

Would he flip over the book stalls?

Would he chuck the Worship CD’s and ‘Ultimate set you free preaching series’ in the air?

Don’t hear the wrong message, I love worship and great preaches. It challenges me when I have to pay £30 to get a hold of them! What about the poor, how can we bless them with the great gifts that God has given us?

What would He do, what would He say?

It’s not all doom and gloom, there are churches out there which I know Jesus will say ‘Well Done good and faithful servant’. The challenge for leaders is whether there church is one of them. We are on a journey and are not there yet!

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