It’s not about you

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When I was in Brazil I noticed that there were very few roundabouts . So I asked my host why? He said because that would rely on people giving way and that doesn’t happen here.

I got to thinking that in the UK when you have 2 lanes merge into one its like that, I’ve found rather than give way they would force you into on coming traffic.

I’m not having a moan but pointing out the sad fact that many people are self focused and self occupied. Me, me, me.

The more I read about Jesus and the more I reflect on life the more I realise that I’m not on this earth for me but for others.

Jesus said if you want to find life you have to lose it. I’m beginning to understand this. It’s not about what I can get, but what I can give. It’s about serving those around me. Hug about giving way to those around me.

So the challenge is what does this look like in our lives?

May we learn to live for others, may we give way.

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