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I have been on an emotional journey since my last blog, took some time off as you do over Christmas. Taking time to stop and think can be relaxing and challenging at the same time.

I recently got into a series on Channel 4 about some British young people visiting the Amish people in America and spending some time with them. I was amazed at the life the Amish live. Although the list of rules was not good, the values that they hold are.

Work hard, live simply and bless others seem to be the summary of their values. And this challenged and transformed some of the young people who visited. And it challenged me.

I am teaching through the book of James in the New Testament at the moment. The section this week is chapter 5 verse one through to verse 6. James is talking to a bunch of rich people who were focused on accumulating wealth, why? So that they could pamper themselves. They exploited their employees and ignored the poor.

As believers in Jesus our attitude towards money, how we make it and how we spend it is very important.

James took this very seriously and pointed out that God does to.

Even though they didn’t murder them physically they were guilty of indirectly murdering them through their actions.

Its been estimated that world poverty can be ended by an investment of around £20billion.

Last year the UK spent:

  • £16 billion on makeup
  • £17 billion down the pub
  • £413 on sweets on the way to school
  • £11 billion onice-cream
  • £730 million on coffee
  • £1.5 billion on cosmetic surgery
  • £20 billion on weapons
This is unjust.
Half the world, nearly 3 billion people live on less than £2 a day. So to them those that are on more than this are rich.

You see God is into justice, is concerned for the poor and the oppressed.

You see the rich people in this verse saw wealth to be precious metals, grain and clothes. Where as God sees wealth to be people.

This has really shaken me up. How do I spend my money? What can I go without so that I can invest more in the poor?

One of the things we do in my family is sponsor children through an organisation called compassion. I know there are many more good causes out there to.

What can you go without so as to invest in the poor?

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