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Do you not perceive? Do you not remember the 5 loaves for the 5000 and how many baskets you gathered? Or the 7 loaves for the 4000 and how many baskets you gathered? Matthew 16:9-10

These man had been walking with Jesus for sometime and totally misunderstood what he was saying. I am reminded that we can still do that today, to the point where we can misrepresent Him! But that’s for another blog.

In Matthew 16:5-12 Jesus challenges their faith. They were concerned about not having any bread, they had totally missed what Jesus was saying. Today in my devotional time verses 9 and 10 caused me to stop, why? I was wondering why Jesus challenged their faith as well as their misunderstanding. Jesus in a sense was saying ‘Your worried about bread and what you’re going to eat, even after witnessing first hand us feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves and have left overs and 4000 people with 7 loaves and have leftovers’ So you can see why He challenged their faith.

This can apply to us at times. For some reason we can forget what God ahs done in our lives, whether it is because we are too focused on what we want Him to do now in our lives, or we are facing tough times, or feel spiritually dry/low, or are confused like the disciples, or mad at God, whatever the reason we can forget.

Theres a principle here that can easily be missed if we read through quickly, and that’s ‘remember what God has already done in our lives no matter what we are facing’ even in the good times. I am reminded of my time in a small Baptist church in Bournemouth and when during worship we were asked to take a piece of paper, split it in 2, on one side write down the struggles that we face and on the other write down the things we are thankful for, not one persons struggles outweighed the thankful’s.

Take some time to look back at what God has already done in your life, this is a faith building exercise. Try starting with John 3:16, he loved us even when we didn’t deserve it, so much that He sent His Son to die for our disobedience (SIN)

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