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Whilst lying in bed last night I heard God speak to me clearly (still small voice) and these are the words that came “Follow me”.

After this I saw a vision of a person asking someone for directions and the person asked saying ‘Sure In know where to go, I will take you there follow me’ so they set off. But there was a laugh out loud moment because the person leading went one way and the person that wanted directions went the other way. They didn’t follow at all.

I felt God saying to me that this is not unusual amongst Christians, we hear the call of Jesus ‘Follow me’ but in reality we don’t.

The phrase ‘follow me’ is mentioned 20 times in the bible, throughout the gospels. Click the picture to be taken to the scriptures.

My primary goal as a leader is to respond to Jesus’ call and follow. Our primary goal as believers is to do the same. Everything we do in church should be out of a response to the call ‘follow me’.

Can we say honestly that we follow Jesus. That’s the challenge. The word Christian has been watered down in this country it can mean many things. Christian really means ‘Christ follower’. Back in the day it meant people of the way, which is another way of putting follower of Christ.

Lets take a look at where we are at. Are we a follower or are we heading in a totally different direction. The acid test of a good church, a good leader and a Christian is to ask the question are they following Christ.

I’ve quoted this before but I will do it again as it is a big challenge:

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”
Mohandas Gandhi

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