Bom Bom – Sam and The Womp

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Listening to the single Bom Bom by Sam and the womp

Love the tune, its one that I cant help but tap my foot to the beat. It reminds me of a Mediterranean club I used to go to in Bournemouth. Bar med.

The lyrics made me laugh. I am not entirely sure what is going on in the song writers head. It’s almost like he is imagining he is a cat with a bass drum lol.

A few lines stuck out to me:

  • I want 16 pints of rum and then I go Bom Bom!
  • You got life, you got style,!

It’s almost like they are trying to communicate that life’s a party the more you drink the  better it is.

I used to live life this way. Living for the weekend. It was all about getting smashed and getting laid. I believed this was the purpose of life and that it would fulfil me.

At the time it did bring fulfilment, but it was only temporary, it didn’t last. Once the weekend was over I lived for the next one and so on. I soon found that I needed more drink, more drugs and more women. As what satisfied me before was not enough. I wanted bigger clubs, better music. Looking back now I was searching for the ultimate party the ultimate buzz.

I have now found that. I have found it in living a life for Jesus. Watch my story on

Many people believe following Jesus is all about do’s and dont’s and because of this its boring and irrelevant. However Jesus came to give us life and life to the abundance. I now live life to the full and honestly find ultimate fulfilment. I still love music and seem to be drawn to dub step, but that doesn’t fulfil me anymore.

Give Jesus a try he wont let you down.

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