Faith is like a six pack of ab’s

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I have been going to the gym for over 6 months now. I have reached the stage where I actually enjoy training.

My goals are simple lose weight and get a 6 pack. I have been doing well but have some way to go yet.

However I am sure I can see the 6 pack coming through as I look in the mirror. So I have been saying ‘I can see the six pack coming through’ my wife smiles at me and encourages me. My friends and work colleagues laugh.

But I am certain I can see it. Because of this I train harder, I’m encouraged to keep going, I am acting and living as if I have already got it and my determination is I’m not stopping until it has fully come into place. Whilst reflecting on this last night after a tough session at the gym God spoke to me in the still small voice ‘the attitude you have towards this six pack is how faith works’.

You see faith is believing in what you have even if it hasn’t taken place yet. Seeing the end goal and living as if you are there already. The end goal encourages you to press in and keep on moving.

I get it when it comes to the six pack, but I have asked God to show me how this applies to my walk with Him and pressing into Him. So my challenge is focus on the end goal and start acting as if I’ve got it. I welcome your comments 🙂

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