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The most exciting thing about the Childrens Ministry in CLC today is the amazing journey that the children are on with God and the way that our children have grown over the past year. The Vision that God gave us was that the Childrens Ministry should be centred on our Helpers, as a team, enabling our children to have an intimate encounter with the Lord. That we help them to understand that they are , one-of-a-kind, unique, born for purpose to be History Makers and World Changers as part of Gods Great Plan no matter what situations in life that they find themselves in. Gods call was to create a space for our children to encounter Him, to learn to listen to Him, to learn to be still in Him…to find, in His Word and in their experience of Him, a place to stand in all the ebb and flow of their days…that is.. the firm, unfailing, foundation of His Love for them. We are beginning to see the fruit of our obedience to this call as, this last summer, we have had two salvations, three baptized and five more children showing an interest in being baptized. We are also seeing more and more of our children asking how they can serve in the church !…so good to see the children setting such a great example to those coming after them ! God is SO good !!!

As a church we need to remember that the Childrens Ministry is a ministry that is close to Gods Heart. He scolded the disciples for assuming that children were not important enough for His attention or that He was too tired or too busy for them to be enabled to come close to Him. He certainly must have been both tired and busy but He didn’t consider that that was any reason to excuse Himself from sharing Himself with the children and neither should we. He is no different today. He desires that we make Him available to our children. As we carry Him, indwelling us, we have a responsibility to bring Him close to our children on Bridge, our Childrens Ministry, by bringing ourselves and serving on Bridge….showing them and sharing with them our Father God through the prism of our individual lives. They need to share your experience of Gods moving in your lives so that they can learn to recognise His movements in their own lives.

It has been an awesome year and our adventure with God on Bridge has only just begun ! !We have an incredible Team of Helpers on Bridge….all so gifted and heart-full….they are a HUGE blessing to God !! AND we have Fantastic children…they are the apples of Gods Eye…they are Future Church !! Come and join us there is always room for another adventurer on Bridge…another Heart that has heard His call…” Let the Children come to Me”

The Bridge covers all ages and there are many opportunities to answer Gods call to this Ministry.

Shirley Cooke

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