DAY TWENTY ONE: Developing a rule of life

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Please forgive me. I have been caught up in a whirlwind due to a quite amazing miracle that is taking place. I can’t share it yet. But as soon as I can it will surely blow you away with the goodness of God.

I seem to have landed and am able to write some more. I do hope you have been well and are pressing on in developing a rule of life.

I seem to have established the habit of gratitude and have added a modern twist. Each morning, one of the first things I do is to reflect on what I might be grateful for, and then I post it on Facebook. As often as I remember I try to do it in the evening as well, but this isn’t as well established.

It has had a good effect on me, as I start the day from a place of gratitude.

Well, who would have thought the profound impact this is having on others! I was at a dedication on the weekend and 2 people from another church came and spoke to me. They both thanked me for posting my gratitude posts, they said they were greatly encouraged. One was rather tearful.

It’s amazing what simple gratitude does.


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