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Its been a few days since I last blogged. Sorry about that. I was ill and then had a manic weekend, my wife lead a women’s conference which involved a lot of hard work but many women were blessed. I also preached on the following day. I will pop that on the blog within the next few days.

So let’s get back on track. Matthew 6:18-21

I talked about regaining our focus in the last blog, fasting and fixing our eyes on Jesus our provider, our all in all. Today is a similar theme. Jesus told us not to lay up treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and thieves break in and steal, but to lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven because the moth cant wreck it there and no thief can break in and steal it.

Interesting words. What do they mean. It’s easy to allow life to consume us, I know what it feels like to be under pressure. To make sure that I make enough money to cover the next bill that comes through the door, no I don’t mean clothing I mean rent, food, loan ect… I also know how it feels to be chasing after a lot of money, wanting a flashy car, getting big bonus only to want more and more. Although having all of these things is not a sin against God we can easily allow them to become a priority in our lives. I have only listed a few things there are many more that can consume our time, energy and focus.

I have seen countless people chase after treasures on earth and fall flat on their face, I have seen their lives destroyed. Now being successful and doing a great job are all great things. But they must not be a priority in our lives. It should be God, family and then the rest.

I read an article not so long ago in the guardian, Karl Rabeder a multi-millionaire was on holiday when it hit him. All this luxury was meaningless. Even worse, his life had become meaningless. He despised the wealth and the wealthy people with whom he had surrounded himself. There was only one thing to do – get rid of it all.

If our treasures on earth become our priority and form our purpose in life, we soon realise that these are empty and meaningless. Like I said there is nothing wrong with wealth until it becomes our top priority in life. We can easily divide life into material and spiritual keeping them totally separate, but Jesus brings them both together. Our attitude towards wealth is important and truly reflects who we are.

So it’s not wrong to possess things but it is wrong for things to possess us!

What does it mean to lay up treasures in heaven? It means that we need to use all that we have for the glory of God. It means to “live open handed” when it comes to the material things of life. Remember that God is our provider and be directed by God in how we use our wealth.

May you not be defined but the things that you have or want, may you use the things that God has given you to bring praise to Him and may you continue to move forward in your walk with God.

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