Stepping out, dare to believe

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I have been reading an autobiography by a person called Hudson Taylor. I was encouraged and challenged by the following, he said:

“The inconsistencies of Christian people, who while professing to believe their bibles were content to live just as they would if there were no such book,and this had been one of the arguments of my skeptical companions; and frequently felt at the time, and said, that if I pretended to believe the Bible I would at any rate attempt to live by it, putting it fairly to the test, and if it failed to prove true and reliable, would throw it overboard altogether”

So why did this challenge me.

Firstly this person lived almost 200 years ago and back then there was still the issue of people calling themselves Christians but living no different to anyone else. Sure culture would have been different we know that from our history books. We often say that culture has moved on however we still face similar issues today.

Secondly I love the language used here, he had companions, friends that were skeptics. Two points I would like to make here, people still disagreed with Christianity 200 years ago and I am certain that will continue. And that this man of faith called them companions. It’s so important that we create an environment where we can talk and share our faith openly and still be friends even in the midst of differing opinions.

Third. The challenge that struck me the most “pretending to believe the bible” and “putting it fairly to the test”. Why did this strike me? Well I don’t think we should rid ourselves of thinking or questioning, however I do believe that we should step out and obey, do what the bible tells us. In a sense dare to believe. Putting our confidence in Gods word.

Now I know many that haven’t chosen to follow Christ may find this hard to understand, I am challenging the one that has. What would the church look like if we did this? What would our world look like? A New Testament church, a New Testament faith.

Thank you to those of you that are following me on my journey to discover true Christianity a New Testament Christianity.

May you step out and dare to believe, may you be able to talk, discuss and disagree in love, may you discover what it is you believe. May God speak to you.

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