Packing the boot

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One of the jobs that I love to do when Tracy and I either go on holiday or visit family is pack the boot of the car, I’m very good at this job and am quite protective over it.

I always make sure the large stuff goes in first, followed by the smaller stuff and if we are taking sleeping bags or sleeping stuff that goes in last.

Life can often be like packing the boot of the car, putting the large stuff in first like your qualifications, having a family, your house, your car, your holidays and then just like the bedding being squeezed in at the end your faith in Jesus.

Unlike my strategic packing the sleeping bag should go in first, Jesus is the most important thing to pack in our lives, He should be first before everything else. So now each time I pack my car I will be reminded, where does Jesus come in my life, first? Or squeezed in last when everything else has taken up the space?

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