Tough lessons

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I missed my ferry to Ireland today, totally mis read the ticket. So I looked to get on another ferry, there were two available so I booked one. The first lesson I learnt was that there is always a solution to the problems we face, the second is that mistakes can sometimes cost as it was £160.

My emotions were all over the place after this and it tool me a while to come to terms with the fact that mistakes happen and they remind us that we are not perfect.

I was sat waiting in line for the ferry sad that I had wasted my friends money who bought the ticket and our money as things are tight. When a massive sea gull came up to my car, my heart was reminded of the scripture

Matthew 6:26 where the birds don’t even work but they are looked after.

How much more precious to God are we. There circumstances can cause us to worry and get upset, but the truth is that God has our back and is our provider. I trust that God will sustain us.

And to end this post; we must not allow our part mistakes to determine our future, we must learn the lessons we need to so that we avoid similar issues and then move on.

Lord help us to learn from our mistakes and move on. Don’t allow them to hold us back from the future you have for us, amen

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