What’s our motivation

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Today at Salt of the earth church Brazil they asked the question of what our motivation is.

We live in a generation where its all about what we can get. Our motivation is about what we can get. Our motivation is what makes us happy. Because of selfishness we only care about what we want.

We have seen some of this happen through the riots over the last week. This doesn’t include everyone but a lot of people only care about themselves.

We see selfishness through our culture in consuming what ever we can. I want the latest phone, microwave, car the list goes on and on and on. Some people have more stuff than what they need, more than they would ever use.

We store up stuff or we plan to store up stuff and we don’t even know if we will be alive in a minutes time.

We are trying to fill our lives with stuff and what we can get to try and answer the question of lifes purpose. But only Christ can fulfill us. Luke 12:14 -21

We get so distracted by life and stuff that we miss the reason we are here.

Satan tries to make us feel safe in the worlds system that we forget the things of God and the purpose that we are here for.

What Jesus is preparing for us is so much more than all the things the world offers.

We have received mercy to also give mercy.

People can take the Mick out of us being a Christian but we know what’s waiting for us when we leave this earth. We are not ashamed of the gospel. The worlds system doesn’t give us hope, but God through his word gives us hope.

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