Brazil day 8 the housing project

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We visited a poor area outside of the city, where the church have a project of building houses and supporting families. We had the privilege of praying with families.

We met a family who’s husband is stuck in bed dying, he has lost his eye sight. We had the privilege of praying with him for some time, this moved many of us to tears. We really have it easy in the UK.

One home had a lovely grandma named Grace, she was quite a character, she wanted to keep us all and told us we will be in her heart forever, she to will live on in our hearts. Her daughter was a widow and was in great need, she said the church was sent by God to help them, they had been praying for help.

These homes they build only cost 2500 pounds and save many people. If you can give towards this work let me know even if its a small amount we can put it together to build a house.

The lady with the sick husband came outside and spoke to us for a while longer, she challenged us to be careful with what comes out of our mouths, she said that what we say is important, our words are like seeds. Just like the plants and trees she has planted will live beyond her life, so to can our words live on.

Yet another life changing, perspective giving moment on our trip

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