Brazil day 10

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So we packed our bags and said farewell. A 2 and a half hour journey to Morrinhos. The roads here are not good, in all fairness they are working to improve them. The driver would swerve to avoid pot holes, the bumps were fun. Many of up slept whilst others took in the views.

We arrived at a church where we were greated with a wholesome lunch and then told we were visiting a school in 30min time and will be dancing.

We rode in a VW minibus which was rad.

We had a wonderful time in the school, we did 2 dances, 2 children’s songs and 2 testimonies. Kathy spoke about the build up to coming to Brazil and how happy she was to be here and Andrew shared about his time as a child and what Jesus means to him.

We then had the children ask any question they like about us and England. There were many about what our culture is like.

We moved on after this to a girls home, they have 6 girls at the moment from broken homes, they provide a stable environment for the girls to live. It was moving to see how happy they were. We had the privilege of praying for them.
Tonight we have a service and bbq.

A little tired but looking to God for strength, our new hosts speak zero English so a new test for us, but one we will work through. They happen to be the hosts that Jamie and Sam were with in 2007.

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