Brazil day 12

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A long bus journey in a great bus and we made it to the church. It’s similar to clc perhaps slightly narrower and set up long ways.

We had a chat about the next 5 days schedule, which is busy but is going to be good as you will find out.

Most of the team went home with their hosts, but for those whose hosts were still at work we went to largest shopping centre in south America for lunch, was huge and lunch was good.

We then had the afternoon with our hosts. In the evening we went to an English service  where we had a short presentation on what the city is like. Tracy and Jason led us in a song of worship. Tracey-Anne and her host sang a beautiful song together about how our ashes have been turned into beauty, it was amazing.

There was a time for people to share, Andrew spoke, Jason and then Tim.

Oh and our host is an amazing artist!!!!! One of the paintings is on this blog.

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