Brazil day 13

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The hosts we are with here seem to be very laid back. They run well behind time but don’t seem to worry. God is really testing my patience with this. Yesterday we were 30 minutes late for the meeting.

We visited a university in the morning, it was a new project called club love, they produce a magazine, run am website and visit schools and UNI’s. They use multi media to help reach young people, teaching them to avoid crime and other social needs. It was amazing.

We then visited a church plant in a chapel based in a shopping centre quite small but they have over 300 in two services. They are looking to build opposite. Totally amazing.

We then learnt about a charity that the church run, a social charity that helps shape culture and growth.

We then learnt about a part of that charity that teach teachers and helps shape education in Brazil. The influence and heart of there organisations is breath taking. They don’t use religious language as they feel that can cause a barrier although they are clear about their values and who they are.

46 degrees celsius today. We had a huge lunch at a buffet restaurant. Followed by visiting a church plant with a craft club. The girls got stuck in The lads rested.

We then spent time with our hosts. Overall a long day.

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