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We are all faced with a crossroad before us continually in life. Decision upon decision on which road to take. Either to listen to God and live life the way He has intended us to or to not listen and live life our own way.

The question is will we pay attention. You see living life Gods way requires us to humble ourselves and put aside our agenda and this is not an easy task. But our hope in all of this is that God knows best and we have to trust Him.

God wants to show us mercy.

In the end doing life our way doesn’t hurt God but it hurts us.

Throughout the whole bible from beginning to end we see that God is crying out to His people for obedience, they sit at the crossroads but time and time again they take the wrong road, it’s no different now. We are faced with the same decision.

In Christ we are given the map to living life Gods way as we follow Him we make the decision to obey and live life Gods way. Christ is our example of obedience.

May you listen, learn and live the life Gods called you to, may you put aside your agenda and take up Gods agenda.

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