Be expectant

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The Holy Spirit led me to read Acts 1:12-14. So I read it over and over and studied it, all the time asking God ‘What do you want me to share?

I believe God has revealed 3 points from the scripture to share today.


Some of the most exciting periods in our lives are the times of anticipation. When it comes to presents and surprises I get really excited, whether I am receiving them or giving them. Tracy my wife can vouch for me. If I buy her present early, the excitement overwhelms me and she normally gets it early.

In the upper room they were waiting expectantly for ‘the promise’ of the Holy Spirit. A helper, a gift

If I had been there I would have been climbing the walls. Is it here yet, is it here yet, the door goes is that it?

This was the first church meeting and there was an expectancy for God to move.

I wonder whether the Holy Spirit would have come if they had no expectancy?

 How many of us expect God to move when we go to church each week?

I believe that some of us have lost or have never had expectancy that God will move  when we meet.

  • Maybe through bad experience
  • Boredom
  • Routine

God is not going to move unless we are expectant!

My prayer is for fresh expectancy to fall upon each one of us.

That we would come expecting God to move among us.

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