Heaven touching earth

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This week I have started a new message series walking through the book of Revelation in the New Testament of the bible.

I remember when I did my gap year, many of my friends said not to read the book because its weird and wacky. So guess what I did. Yes I read it and loved it. During my study this last week I came across something that was a blessing and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

There was an ancient Jewish belief that heaven and earth werent so far apart. That they would meet and merge in different ways. When reading the Old Testament of the bible you see God wanting to meet with his people.

The main way when Revelation was written was in the temple.

Early Christians believed Jesus had become, in person the place where heaven and earth met! This is what blew me away. As Christians we are in relationship with Jesus and Jesus is where heaven touches earth. We can experience heaven on earth now not just when we snuff it. This is very much something I will ponder on for some time now.

May we experience heaven on earth may we be light in the darkness.

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