It’s not easy but give it up

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In verse nine of Revelation one we see the words suffering and patient endurance in the same sentence as – The kingdom, which seems to be a weird mix especially as kingdom means total unquestioned rule.

I believe it’s a reminder that Jesus won the victory through suffering and sacrifice and so must his people.

Jesus love, grace and forgiveness is a free gift and requires no work from our part to receive.

But being a follower of Christ in the world

  • Isn’t easy
  • We get grief for it
  • May suffer for it.
  • People don’t get it
  • Some people even close family don’t support it.

We most definitely will have to make our own sacrifices when it comes to walking with Christ in this generation. And there are things that we are called to give up.

What is God telling you to give up at the moment?

Will you make the sacrifice?

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