Love with a love that gives

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In my devotional this morning I read through 1 Timothy 1. Verse 5 stood out to me.

Love with a love that gives

Paul talks about the command to love. The Greek word used here is ‘Agape’ this love is a sacrificial love, a love that gives. It’s totally counter cultural. We often default to what we can get out of life rather than what we can give. Paul is reminding us of the life we are called to as Christians. Wouldn’t our world look so much different if we all focused on giving rather than receiving. Agape love changes everything.

Do this from a place of purity

He also mentioned that this loving should be done from a pure heart. The Greek word pure here is ‘Katharas’ its talking about a moral cleanliness. One of the themes that I keep coming across in the bible is that God is interested in the whole person. Not just how we act, but what we think, our motivations and our attitudes. God wants us to be in a place of purity. Christianity if a lifestyle, a way of living, it affects every part of us.

Remember that faith is our weapon

Paul mentions having a sincere faith. The Greek word for sincere here is ‘Anypokritou’ its used in a list of weapons, a helmet. In fact it’s mentioned in the book of Ephesians when describing the armour of God. Faith is our weapon. Something that we wear on our head to defend us from attack. This is a fantastic picture.

  • Love with a love that gives.
  • Do this from a place of purity.
  • Remember that faith is our weapon.
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