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We are called to live life from a higher level. Not out of superiority but supernaturally.

The world is so open to the supernatural. You just need to look at what comes out of the cinemas. Marvel & DC comics allow us to fantasize about a world where mankind have super powers.

As follows of Christ we are called to live a supernatural life.

However its easy to allow the flesh, our natural desires to lead us. And we end up looking and living no different than those around us.

In Pauls letter to the Galatians, chapet 5 verses 22 onwards. We see that we are called to be led by the Spirit of God, and what that looks like.

The other day I was reflecting upon how some eastern religions and philosophy leads many into adopting meditation and yoga and into a peace in their life. And this happens even though its a counterfeit to Holy Spirit.

So how much more we can expect from the very source of peace. As a believer one of the hallmarks of being spirit led is peace.

So if I lack peace then surely I am not being led by the spirit but the flesh and need to bring that to God. Because I am missing out on the authentic supernatural peace that is promised as a believer and follower of Christ.

Lord, forgive me for not allowing your Holy Spirit to lead my life and allowing my natural desires to lead me. I want your Spirit to lead me into a place of supernatural peace. As well as all the other fruits of being led by your Spirit. Lead me, guide me I pray, in Jesus name. Amen

Danny Elson

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