So September is here…! I don’t know about you but it seems like September is second start in the year, August has been a month of rest and play. Now its time to hit the ground running again heading towards the end of the year. We have 4 months until 2016 has finished.

So what is the remaining 4 months going to look like for you? 17 Weeks left? What do you want to see happen in that time? Life will just happen and will be a series of reactions to circumstances unless you are intentional with the time you have.

Take some time to pray about what God wants you to do in these 17 Weeks.

I want to take this opportunity to make some suggestions to help you on your journey. Christian Life Centre is a church community, if you call us home, then it’s important that you are helping us make a difference to each other’s lives and our community. You may not be involved in a team! So why not find a team and get involved for these next 17 weeks. I have found being involved in teams so rewarding and it has greatly enriched my life and I have seen God take me further.

It can sometimes be overwhelming on a Sunday morning as we have a few hundred people here. We can certainly be encouraged by the sense that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and hear what God has to say to us both as a church and as individuals. But it’s not always easy to feel a sense of belonging coming on a Sunday morning. We have Connect groups that meet every other week, these are groups in people’s homes, they talk about God, share life with one another and pray for one another. Perhaps in this season you need to join a connect group?

Ok Danny. I do those things! Well i‘m increasingly challenged by the fact that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. Temples back in Jesus’ day were where people would go to encounter Gods presence. We are now the temples. In other words places of encounter for God’s presence. In this next season let’s look at stepping out and being the encounter people need. By simply offering prayer whenever we can to whomever we can, and then allowing God to do the rest.

Danny Elson

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