The other day I had a prophetic dream. I get them from time to time. I know they are prophetic because when I wake up I have a sense of the meaning and it doesn’t leave me. Other dreams don’t always make sense and I forget them when I wake up.

I was in CLC and we had a massive basement. I was amazed at the size of it when exploring. I thought this will be great for expansion. However there were loads of pillars in the way and we had to move some of them to make the area useable.

I awoke and had the sense that God was firstly speaking of our foundations as a church, that they are much stronger than we think. And can support a larger church. The people I mean not the physical building.

Secondly I sensed that the pillars represented people within the church. How many are in the right place and supporting the church well, but others need moving and placing in the right place to see the church move forward.

So what might this mean for you and me? Ask God where He wants you serving and ministering.

Are you where He wants you? Do you need to change your area of service? Are you stood still and not functioning as a pillar? Not involved? For whatever reason it may be time to step out. Whether you have been in CLC 5 minutes of 30 years. Dont discount yourself. Pray about it. Speak to someone you trust. We are available as leaders if you need to chat. We want to see everyone running in all that God has for us. #555 #Godatthecentre

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