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During my quiet time this morning God reminded me about the lady who mixed tears and worship when she bowed down at Jesus feet, then anointed them.

(Luke 7:44-46). Jesus was so pleased and moved at this lady’s devotion… I felt this word this morning, was specifically for someone- that it is perfectly fine to worship and bring our tears. Our father God is so pleased with Sam and loves her so much. He indeed will meet her in her worship (she will have an encounter) and be able to receive comfort and peace as she cries.

Having reflected on this word I feel that it has a relevance for us too at CLC as we worship. Tears bring an honesty,a vulnerability and a depth to our worship – something that we are too often embarrassed to do.

As we press in to a greater presence of God in our worship, there we will receive an encounter with God that has never been experienced before. I am sure the lady anointing Jesus’ feet did not rush this. Instead she poured out her heart of gratitude to God, taking her time not missing any area of our Lord’s feet. Can we too do this in our worship? Have time to worship God without rushing? God earnestly seeks our presence. Let’s come before Him with our praise and tears. This lady received forgiveness. I do believe as we worship in this way God will touch our hearts and heal us, forgive us, comfort us, bring revelation and so on.

For the children: My cat continually comes to see me, jumping up for a fuss the jumping off to play. This happens regularly. He even comes to me when he misses the litter tray! Yuk! Sonny is not afraid to come to me because he knows I love him. He wants and gets an encounter with me – lots!!

And kids this is what our Heavenly Father wants of you. So come with your praise, your laughter, your jokes, your sadness, your doubts and fears. Meet with God. Get to know Him and find no out how good He is.

For the guys: Your car battery is flat, the car will not go! So what you do is get some leads to connect to your battery. The car still doesn’t go! What you need to do is to a friend with his car and connect the leads to both batteries. This is usually done when the cars are “bumper to bumper “. This is the same as standing “shoulder to shoulder!” Together there comes a connection – good working order has been resumed and your car works. Much rejoicing and relief! You have had an encounter with God. You bring your worship to God with the help of a friend bumper to bumper.

(Footnote: the same vulnerability is there for the guys as too the ladies because they need to open up the bonnet first, then trust finding a guy who will help)

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