God provided us with a new home

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Last year my wife and me were stuck as we needed to move out of our house because of our growing family but because my wife had a big drop in wage to care for our first child the bank wouldn’t lend us anywhere near the amount we needed. The only houses we could afford were tiny and we couldn’t afford to rent what we needed as it was too much. We looked around potential properties in the hope that one would fulfil our needs but had no luck. We prayed and prayed that God would provide over and beyond what we could afford and imagine even though the reality was very grim. Sure enough my wife came across a property which was within our budget as we would own a share and the rest would be affordable rent. We viewed it and fell in love with it immediately. We put in an offer but unfortunately a cash buyer got their offer accepted instead. We were gutted. A house like that with the scheme it was on was very rare, the chances of us finding another like it was next to impossible. At this point we were very stressed and upset. Two weeks later my wife got a phone call saying two sets of people who had put an offer on the house had fallen through and we were next on the list! Amazing! And praise be to God the house is now ours. We both still can’t believe it. The house is more than we could have imagined us living in. I have also recently got a great job, which is close to where we live, which is another amazing answer to prayer. We encourage you, as we were encouraged, to pray and declare into difficult situations in your life.

Sam Cooke

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