DAY TWO: Developing a rule of life

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So I wanted to share some stuff that I do, with a hope that it may help some of you that are starting for the first time.

I am using a Bible reading app, to read the word more often than any other form of bible nowadays.

Because I can take it with me anywhere and everywhere.

There are so many versions on it, I mainly read, the NKJV version and the Passion Translation.

They also have reading plans that start at 3 days in length and stretch to 2 years.

I dip in and out of them.

You can highlight verses, write notes and share scriptures also. A new feature that I love, is that you can invite people to join with you reading a plan, and talk to one another on that particular plan.

I have been really challenged by reading CRAFTING A RULE OF LIFE: AN INVITATION TO THE WELL-ORDERED WAY.

Its ok to look to others and how they do it. But its also very important to begin listening to God, and allowing Him to guide you into a rhythm.

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