Brazil day 9

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We started the day with football, whilst the rest of The team either slept or were with their hosts. Today is our last day in the city before we move on. It’s not a busy day with just a service at 6 oclock.

Believe it or not it rained last night and the sky was full of clouds, I think it was to protect the English gringos whilst playing football as at 12 all the clouds have gone and It’s a sunny day. As I write this I hear gun shots in the distance.

I had the pleasure of riding on the back of a motor bike this morning it was fun and easy to get around.

We took the service at vigalato, the local worship group led worship for for 45min, they then shared a little from scripture. The pastor gave testimony of Gods provision in their lives.

An hour in and I felt like they may have forgotten that we were here and doing some things LOL.

We performed 2 dances, Maggie have a beautiful testimony of God at work in her life and her dream to dance in Brazil.

I then preached a message with an interpreter, first time for me. I spoke on gifts and that everyone has them and the importance of stepping out and using them. That no matter what your age you can use your gift.

It went well, my interpreter was my friend and host Leo. He did such a good job. The message was received well, many came for prayer. Overall a great evening.

My hosts and some friends went for our last meal together in my favorite pizza place in Brazil, So Pizza. We had a wonderful meal. And pizza with chocolate, cheese and banana.

I will miss this place, tomorrow we head off to a new city, we have all made friends for life. They will live in our hearts forever. Will continue to blog once we arrive at the next city. So far we have had many challenging and inspiring experiences and I know there will be more before we leave this nation.

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