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As many of you know I am hungry for an encounter with the Holy Spirit, a fresh filling, more of God. I am hungry to see an outpouring in our church family and beyond. For those of you that missed my message on the 15th May I encourage you to jump on our website www.clch.cc and have a listen. I poured out my heart on this.

Since the message I have been greatly encouraged by many of you that have the same heart and desire. Over the years we have had prophecies, words from God that we would see people queuing up to get a touch from God. I believe we are just scratching the surface at the moment, but now is the time to pick ourselves up and run, and run hard.

A friend of mine recently told me about a revival amongst the Zulus. They were hungry for God to do a work amongst them. What seems key is that they were sold out for God, willing to give up everything to see Him move, they were of one accord, committed to one another and pressing into all that God had for them. It’s also interesting that they took this hunger for God very seriously and with open hearts confessed their sins and fought for unity.

I believe we are entering a season where God wants to strengthen unity amongst us as a church, where relationship as a family becomes a priority, a season where he cleanses us of our sins as we are faithful to take them to Him and through this season we will see an increased awareness of His Holy Spirit and the floodgates of Salvation will open.

So will you join us pressing into God, fighting for unity and getting yourself right before God.

Danny Elson

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