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Listening to one of my all time favourite songs: No longer slaves (Bethel) I find myself struggling again with the inner turmoil I have of not being able to sing along.

I’m not being humble or self effacing I’m being honest… My singing ability has gone…! My voice is scratchy at the best of times, and at the worst there are notes that fail to materialise… Just some hot air in their place.  I ask the question, what can I do instead? How can I worship you Father when I have no voice? I could dance, I could paint…I could even write about it all!

Then I find myself thinking did I love worship because I enjoyed singing?? Love the sheer joy of rising high on the elegant steps of a melody? Enjoyed the beauty of the sounds of creative fingers playing intricate tunes?? Being part of a team moving in sync…?? Feeling the rush of adrenaline as the touch of the Holy Spirit made my whole body tingle… Knowing He’s close, He’s here.  Did I lose sight of the reason why? Why I sing? Why do we sing?

The whole world loves to sing from kareoke and street corners to xfactor and chart topping records… The world knows why they sing… They were born to do it.  We all are! But we know who we are born to sing to… whether we have a great voice or no voice!! I am born to sing to my God… my soul cries out… I will let even my bones rejoice in my Saviour…my heart glorifies my great and wonderful King…if I dance that’s OK, if I paint that’s good too… but to sing a song of love…that’s a priceless privilege… And when my voice returns to me I will not take it for granted!

Tracy Elson

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