Hi this is Selina Saveker,

Many of you know my eldest daughter Michele. What you may not be aware off is the amazing work God has done in Michele and her husband, Arran’s life as they followed his calling to become missionaries in Canada. They have agreed to share their testimony with us to give glory to the Lord and encourage us to step out in faith and know our loving Father has only got good plans for our lives even though it requires obedience often whilst we step into the unknown!

Michele and Arran met at Christ Central (New Frontiers) Church in Manchester. Over a number of years God developed Michele’s talent for leading worship (which was a big surprise to both her and us) whilst Arran worked tirelessly behind the scenes planning, organising and managing the technical elements of delivering the services each week. During the North Conference in 2010 Michele and Arran heard the calling to move to Canada. As a result they spent their honeymoon in Toronto and Owensound where they visited a local New frontiers church. They struck up an impressionable relationship with one particular couple who helped lead the church. This couple invited Michele and Arran to join them in planting a church on Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada – an area known for being steeped in traditional faith based churches but having very few (if any) evangelical community based churches. Michele and Arran prayed about this opportunity and God confirmed a number of times to both Michele and Arran and others within the Church this was God’s will for their lives.

Even so, it took a further three years to save the money required to meet the Canadian emigration regulations and obtain visas etc.

In 2013 the home based church started with the aim of reaching out to the community of Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. Within twelve months the church had grown so much they moved into a local community hall. Michele and Arran were both blessed with jobs and both progressed within their roles – especially Arran. About 12 months ago both Michele and Arran felt unsettled and felt God was beginning to ‘pull up the tent pegs’ again and was reminding them both of their desire to work in a more City based church. Around this time Arran was offered an amazing job in Halifax, a large city in Nova Scotia. Although, they felt uneasy about leaving Charlottetown and the church leaders were sad about them leaving – they knew they needed to follow God’s calling and move to Halifax. At the same time another couple from within New Frontiers in Canada were preparing to plant a church within the suburbs of Halifax aimed at reaching out to the vulnerable and those in most need. Since then Michele and Arran have established themselves in Halifax, their little girl ‘Faye’ (which means faith) was born 11 weeks ago and the church family is growing.

I recently returned from a visit to Canada and I am overwhelmed with how God has kept his word and blessed not only Michele and Arran but all those involved in this mission. The Church leaders have asked me to pray for them and the success of their continuing work to bring individuals to know and experience the love of Christ in their lives.

Therefore, not only do I share this testimony with you to encourage you to step out in faith knowing God will never let you down, but to pray for Michele, Arran, Faye and all our church family in Canada working tirelessly to see God’s kingdom grow and lives saved!

Watch this space – I will continue to keep you updated on the work of our church family and the newly planted (New Frontiers) church in Halifax.

Thank you Lord for being so faithful!


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