I have been on a journey looking to see more of God moving in healing and other tangible ways. Recently, I have been challenged by this verse in Psalm 103: “He revealed his character to Moses and his deeds to the people of Israel.” It has made me refocus my journey.

I am still looking for more miracles but I’m reminded that it’s more important to find the Miracle Maker. The people of Israel knew the miracles, Moses knew the miracles and he knew God. Healings and miracles are signs that follow the gospel. A sign points to something but it isn’t the thing. Healing points to a good, good Father God. We mustn’t stop at the healing (the sign) but continue on to find the God that it points to. We have more need to know our heavenly Father than to receive His gifts. What He does in our hearts is more important than the visible, tangible miracles. When Jesus was presented with a paralysed man, the first thing He dealt with was the man’s soul – He forgave him of his sins. Then He healed the man’s body as a sign to show that He had authority to heal the heart.

I love to hear stories of healing but I’m now looking for stories of people who are finding a deeper, closer more real connection to God. I want one of those stories to be mine.

Tim Mitchell

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