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I was reading Matthew 5:21-25 today. Jesus raises the bar, takes it to the next level! I believe the context of the scripture is that the teachers and Jews of the day would have had the attitude that they are good people and that’s enough. They would have said “I am not a murderer so its all good” But Jesus says that actually being angry at someone is not good and even if you call them a fool. Now it’s not the word fool that’s the issue but the intention behind it. How many of us have got angry in the last month. Someone pulled out in front of us or said something to us that we didn’t like.

Jesus then goes on to talk about grudges. he says that before we bring our offering gift to the altar. Another way of putting it “Before you come to God in worship” Sort out the differences you have. Often in anger, name calling and disagreements we give room for grudges to build. Anger and grudges can consume us, take our focus off of God and onto revenge, offence or much worse. It’s not a place that God wants us to be in.

Our freedom from this is so key that God says you need to be free from it before we come to Him in worship. This involves speaking face to face and talking things through. Sometimes its a matter of settling things on your side even if the other person doesn’t accept and holds onto their grudge you can move on in God. I have found it to be much better to be completely free before God in worship. I have also found it easy to lose my peace and become angry or offended. Giving ourself an anger/offence MOT regularly will help us to be totally free before God. Jesus example is the greatest example of forgiveness we will ever see, as he was nailed to the cross he cried out ‘Father forgive them they know not what they do’

Whilst reading the scripture this morning I was reminded how I had not dealt with a situation well and that I needed to apologise and put things right. Which I have done. My life policy is to apologise when I get it wrong. And I will get it wrong. So who is it that you need to speak to? What is it that you need to let go of? God can help you do this, if you let Him and today you can live free. I will post another post I made from our church blog a while ago which was a prophetic time I had with God to do with forgiveness.

May God bless you and move you forward

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