White flag living

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Early this year I was at a regional pray meeting. I was not in a great place and was struggling to get into the meeting as can sometimes happen. I felt God lead me to lie down on the floor as many worshiped and prayed. It was at this point that God revealed to me a picture of a white flag. I often get pictures from God and I respond every time with ‘What are you saying God’. It was at that point that I heard the following:

“Lead a life fully surrendered to Christ”

In a battle the last thing you do is surrender. However it is exactly what God calls us to do. There is nothing we can do to win the battle but surrender. As we surrender everything to Christ He can then work through and in us. Its completely unnatural, it goes completely against all logic, it doesn’t make sense.

Christ and how He lived His life on this earth is the ultimate example of surrender! Surrendering His life all the way to the cross. We can often think ‘yep I did this, I have said the prayer. I’m surrendered’ however this is not a one off moment. Its a life style.

I’m not there yet, God continues to move me forward and bit by bit I am surrendering. I can take back what I surrendered and end up back where I started.

But I am convinced as I surrender God will move, shape and guide me. Its white flag living. Its not easy. We can let pride pull us in the direction of trying to win a battle with our own action. The truth is the battles already won! We have our work cut out in just surrendering!

I pray God that you will help us to decrease so you can increase. Oh Lord break through into our lives.

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