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I am on a roll now traveling through the book of Matthew. If you have been following my blogs from the start you will already know my next destination. I read Matthew 6 verses 1-4 this morning.

A challenging part of scripture considering the current climate we are in. It seems as though our natural response to where we are at as a nation and beyond is to hold everything we have with a firm fist.

We are called to do the right thing, to be generous even in times of hardship as individuals and as a nation. I was inspired to see how much money as a nation we give to other nations that have suffered natural disasters. I am even more inspired that we out gave some governments as individuals.

Jesus calls us to be people who are generous. When the above scripture was written, people were giving to the needy and letting everyone know about it. We are not meant to shout from the roof tops ‘look at me I’m helping the needy’. Giving is meant to be a lifestyle and we are to do it humbly and for no recognition.

Who is in need around you? A friend, a neighbour, a family member, a homeless person that you walk past every day, a big issue seller outside of WHSMITH. There are three challenges I want to give today, firstly open your eyes to the world around you, who is in need in your world, don’t hold on to everything you have with a clenched fist, use what you don’t need or can go without to bless those around you and finally do it in secret.

Out of experience its easier to give to someone when they don’t know who it is, they can’t allow pride to say ‘No thanks I don’t need your charity’.  It makes sure that they don’t get the wrong idea by thinking you are saying you are better than them. And it means that they wont look at you each time they see you and think how they can pay you back.

A good visual of this can be seen in the episode of friends where Chandler, Monica and Ross earn more money than Rachel, Phoebe and Joey. They have a massive argument because Chandler, Monica and Ross make a big deal of giving them a ticket to a gig. It was awkward and almost broke up their friendship.

Give in secret. This is a life principle that my wife and I hold. We discovered it by trying it out both ways and have to totally agree with the words of Jesus.

May you open your eyes to the world around you, may you open your hand and release blessing upon those in need around you and may you do this in secret.

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