We have a choice in what we receive.

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We have a choice in what we speak out but we can also choose what we take in.

o   I strongly believe that our confidence in who we are

o   I call this our identity

o   Is found in Christ.

o   The more we understand who we are in Christ, what He says about us

o   The less effective negative words become

  • You might be saying well cant we have an opinion when things are not right?

o   Of course we can but there is a line.

o   We must do all things in love.

o   When you bring a word into someone’s life if the outcome is not life then its not love.

o   I welcome peoples feedback I know when its in love

o   And even when its feedback about when I have got it wrong, I know when its in love.

o   Because the person comes in to build me up, to lift me even in my failures.

  • On a practical note I believe that having a few trusted friends around you that you can rely on
  • People that you can do life with that you know will be honest, people that are on your wave length when it comes to Christ, people that you know will speak the truth in love.

o   In my life I have gathered trusted friends around me, including my wife

o   So when someone brings a word into my life and it shakes me I weigh it up

–   What I mean is I share it in confidence with a few trusted friends and ask them whether it is true.

–   Just like we have to check when someone brings a word from God into our lives that it matches the bible. We also need to weigh up peoples feedback/critism.

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